Sunday, February 13, 2011

Israel's own DJ Four Eyez

This week we have Israel's own DJ Four Eyez. DJ Four Eyez is a world renowned DJ in the bboy world today. He is a part of The Kosher Flavor Crew, Zulu Nation, and Bboyworld DJs. In today's show he discusses his history in DJing, his music, and the top ten things he hates with his crew mate Retal.

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Bio From Strife TV:

(Written by Strife tv and kate marrison manager of "I know my hiphop")

Four Eyez burst into the conscious of many American & European bboys when he came to the southern US last December for three memorable events: Who Can Roast the Most, Evolution, and Outbreak. First, at Who Can Roast the Most, he made himself known in the cyphers, carrying the Israeli flag with him. Then, at Evolution, he made his name on the 1s and 2s when he showed us that he DJed like he cyphered. His DJing is original and incorporates music from diverse backgrounds such as local Israeli music, Dave Matthews Band, Sting, and Linkin Park. You can check him out at his Youtube channel. At Outbreak, he battled with his crew Kosher Flava before heading back to Israel. This year, Four Eyez won first place in the footwork battle for IBE Israel as well as second place in the top rock battle. To go along with his bboying and DJing skills, Four Eyes is also a drummer And Champion Beatboxer In Israel. He serves in the Israeli military, and today he is no stranger to the world stage of hip hop. He and his crew Kosher Flava continue to compete internationally and rep their homeland to the fullest. Four Eyez is also a member of the official Bboyworld DJ Team and the Universal Zulu Nation Chapter 30. IBE 2010 was Four Eyez's recent event where he Gave Holland and the rest of the wolrd a taste of his Music, But It will be a while until he could go around and spin again since he is a part of the Israeli Militery. "Right now im Focusing on doing my thing with full passion, heart and dedication to achive my goal. And that is to Spin My own Music. I Feel gifted that i have such a goal and on the other hand such a challange.", "Alot of offers to spin in NYC,Miami,Italy I had to pospone or cancel Because of the Militery...But in the mean time im working on that so hopefully ill be coming out agian soon. It makes me A rare DJ hahaha."

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